The SkinCeuticals Micropeel is a three-step clinical procedure combining dermaplaning (physical exfoliation), chemical exfoliation, and cryogenic therapy to reduce signs of photoaging including fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, and visible skin imperfections in a series of 4-6 procedures. Formulated with niacin, lactic acid, and usnic acid, this mild clinical-grade peel gently exfoliates and decongests pores while hydrating skin. Micropeel Sensitive Skin Solution, an optimal starter peel, is suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive.


Is the MicroPeel© right for my skin?

For sensitive skin, an acid-free or 2% lactic acid MicroPeel is recommended. For a more rapid exfoliation, the MicroPeel can be performed with gllycolic acid at concentrations of either 20% or 30% Remember; always consult a physician when choosing your treatment.


What are lactic and glycolic acids?

Lactic and glycolic acids are naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) found in fruits and other foods. AHAs are used in formulations to exfoliate or shed the surface skin. The extent of exfoliation depends on the type of concentration of the AHA. At high concentrations, AHAs function as peeling agents, which act more rapidly and at a deeper level.


What happens during the MicroPeel?

  1. First, dead cellular layers are removed by dermaplaning, a technique popularized by BioMedic since 1991, or BioMedic pure Enzyme, a unique papaya-based mask. A change in skin texture can be felt right away.
  2. Next, an alpha hydroxy acid solution is applied to the skin. A slight stinging sensation may occur but it is only momentary. After the desired level of exfoliation is reached. the solution is neutralized. This optional step of the MicroPeel helps free pores of impacted debris.
  3. The third and final step of the MicroPeel is a skin freezing process called Cryogenic therapy. Carbon dioxide is applied to the face in light, circular motions. The frosty mist released by the carbon dioxide immediately relieves inflammation and cools the skin.

Will I experience any downtime after the MicroPeel?

There is usually no downtime associated with the MicroPeel. However, depending on the customization of the MicroPeel, you may experience minor peeling in the days following the procedure.